The 15 States That Risk Becoming Destinations for Performing FGM

Fifteen states and Washington, D.C. continuously fail to protect women and girls from female genital mutilation (FGM). Horrifically, these states run the risk of becoming cutting destinations for girls that reside in states where FGM is banned. Some states have failed multiple times, while others have never even tried to ban FGM within their borders.

Look below to see if your state lacks an anti-FGM law, and why their efforts to criminalize FGM are failing:

Alabama - Dead in the Senate

Alaska - Ignoring Girls At Risk
Connecticut - Fails at Protecting Girls Year After Year
Hawaii - Dead on Arrival
Indiana - No Interest in Protecting Girls from Genital Mutilation
Kentucky - Hopeful for 2020

Maine - Politicians Stay Partisan in the Face of Girls At Risk of FGM
Massachusetts - Repeated Attempts Fail One of the Highest Concentrations of At-Risk Girls
Mississippi - Complacency Leaves Girls At Risk
Montana - Lack of Awareness Leads to Lack of Action

Nebraska - Inaction of Legislators is Unacceptable
New Mexico - Legislators Ignore Girls At Risk


Vermont - Repeated Efforts Quashed in the House

Wyoming - Potential Destination State for Hundreds of Thousands At Risk
Washington - Legislators Keep Ignoring the Largest At Risk Population
D.C. - U.S. Capitol Still Lacks Anti-FGM Legislation

*Estimate is for the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria metropolitan statistical area. Arlington and Alexandria located in the bordering state of Virginia.

These numbers of girls at-risk have been calculated by the Population Reference Bureau. Based on their methodology used to calculate the number of girls at-risk, we believe this is an underestimate, and that many more girls are actually at-risk. Please reach out to your legislators if you live in one of these areas, and help garner support. We must put a law in place in every state by the end of 2020.


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