Critical Thinking Unit Intern

Critical Thinking Unit Intern

Job Description



AHA Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit working to liberate women and girls from practices that violate their human rights. That means liberty from female genital mutilation, honor violence, and child marriage. AHA Foundation was founded by women’s rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali in 2007.


Since 2010, the focus of the Foundation’s programs includes:

  1. Publishing reports and articles and organizing conferences about the dangers of Islamic extremism.
  2. Highlighting the continued oppression of women and girls in the US committed in the name of religion and culture.
  3. Lobbying and outreach to expand and strengthen state and national legislation for the protection of women and girls.
  4. Training of relevant frontline professionals including, child protection offices and social worker, law enforcement, school nurses and counsellors, medical professionals.
  5. Connecting women and girls in crisis to appropriate services.



The Critical Thinking Unit (CTU) Intern will support the Campus Program Manager at the AHA Foundation. S/he will manage social media postings, find and create content for CTU social media channels, and support the Campus Program Manager in administrative tasks, as needed. The candidate must be a highly energetic individual with an eye to detail. S/he will report to the Campus Program Manager and will work collaborative and strategically with the Marketing and Development Associate, as well as the Critical Thinking Unit student fellows.


Summary of Key Functions:

  • Create social media content specific to the AHA Foundation campus program, the Critical Thinking Unit.
  • Work with the Communications and Development Assistant to develop social media content calendar and execute social media campaigns designed to grow audiences across multiple digital channels
  • Develop marketing materials specific to the campus program
  • Various administrative tasks necessary for the operation of the campus program
  • Other tasks as assigned by the Executive Director, Senior Director, Campus Program Coordinator, or other team members


Key competencies, technical background, and experience required:

  • Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree or have completed a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Computer literacy, and working knowledge of Google Suite.
  • Self-motivated and excellent time management skills.
  • Enjoys working as a team and understands the needs and interests of the AHA Foundation.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong familiarity with social media channels and trends, like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Please send application with an accompanying cover letter to [email protected].




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