As Muslim Women, We Must Keep Talking About Hamas’ Sex Crimes on Oct. 7 – Newsweek

We as Muslim women have condemned the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks, including the brutal and systematic rape and sexual violence against dozens of women and girls in southern Israel—and we have all faced criticism and threats for doing so, even as we now all live in democratic societies in North America. Our faith demands that we speak out and ensure that there is no justification for these atrocious acts. We stand together to denounce them, and the fact that they were carried out by a movement that identifies with Islam.

Now, as women’s rights activists, we need to keep talking—and speak louder.

Many of the women who suffered the most horrific of rapes and mutilation that day are dead. They can’t speak. Nineteen other women remain hostage in Gaza, at grave danger of sexual assault and death. They have no way to reach the world with their voices. Most rape survivors from that day have found it too difficult to speak publicly, at least for now. And the global institutions supposedly committed to women’s rights, including the United Nations, have chosen not to say much, or waited far too long before speaking out all.

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