Ayaan Hirsi Ali and AHA Foundation Statement Regarding Hamas’ Rape and Torture of Israeli Women and Girls

Published 12/22/2023

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and AHA Foundation are horrified by Hamas’ brutal terrorist attack of October 7, including the sexual assault of men, women, and children. Of specific concern is the rape, torture, and mutilation of Israeli women and girls during and after the attacks. 

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and AHA Foundation also condemn the unprecedented silence of so-called women’s rights organizations and the hesitation of the United Nations to react in response to these atrocities when committed against Israeli women and girls. These Hamas rapists continue to hold innocent civilians hostage, including women who have been subjected to sexual violence and remain at risk of enduring further abuse. As we are aware that women have been murdered in Hamas captivity, we are disturbed at the prospect of these victims being murdered, at least in part, to silence them.

There is never any justification for rape. Using rape as a weapon is sadly not a new form of terror and neither is the dehumanization of Israeli women and girls. However, the level of sadistic cruelty shown on October 7 reached unimaginable and unprecedented heights.

We will not shield our eyes from this savagery. There must be accountability for these heinous crimes. We stand in solidarity with the victims and we demand every measure of justice that is possible for the terror reigned down upon these women and girls.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali and AHA Foundation