Ayaan Hirsi Ali on The Future of Democracy – The Milken Institute

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Image credit: Frank Schirrmacher Foundation/The Swiss Institute of International Studies

On May 1, Ayaan Hirsi Ali was part of a panel at the Milken Institute to discuss the future of democracy.

The state of global democracy is complex and nuanced. Over the past fifteen years, more countries have seen democracy decay than have seen democratic progress. The resilience of democracy has been tested following the rise of authoritarianism, the crises of disinformation and misinformation, recent military coups, and full-scale invasions. However, in 2022, a renewed sense of urgency and cautious optimism arose in support of the cause of global democracy. Peaceful transfers of power followed contentious elections and international support poured out for those defending freedom in Ukraine, El Salvador, and Iran. This session will discuss the urgent and ongoing need to protect free and fair elections, to defend human rights and safeguard freedoms, and to ensure a thriving future for global democracies. How can the world’s democratic societies ensure not just the spread of rule by the people, of the people and for the people—but their own survival?

Watch the full panel featuring Ayaan here.