Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Yasmine Mohammed: Two ex-Muslims on Women’s Rights in Islam


Event Description:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, founder of the AHA Foundation, and Yasmine Mohammed, ex-Muslim and women’s rights activist, engage in a discussion about the challenges surrounding women’s rights in the context of Islam and its influence on both the Muslim-majority world and Western societies.


The conversation delved into the challenges faced by ex-Muslims who choose to leave their faith, especially in terms of family relationships and the need to balance personal beliefs with safety considerations. They discuss the importance of living in accordance with one’s values and the potential difficulties of coming out as an ex-Muslim, while also emphasizing the value of freedom and living authentically.


Regarding the rise and fall of ISIS, Ayaan Hirsi Ali noted that while it was a brutal and horrific entity, it inadvertently exposed the darker realities of the Islamist utopia they sought to establish. This exposure led to more Muslims questioning the ideology and its consequences, contributing to a shift in mindset among some Muslims and a rise in the ex-Muslim community.


The conversation also touched on the book “Pray: Islam, Immigration, and the Erosion of Women’s Rights” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, which addressed issues related to the integration of Muslim immigrants in European societies. It underscored the importance of integrating immigrants into the value systems of their host countries while maintaining respect for cultural diversity.