Ayaan Hirsi Ali Calls Out Cowardly Feminists’ Failure to Speak Out Against Islam’s Oppression of Women

After decades of embracing multiculturalism, Sweden is now the rape capitol of the West, only second on the list to Lesotho in Southern Africa. The big question as the rape crisis in Europe has become increasingly worse in recent years has been: Where are all of the feminists? Read Ayaan’s response to this horrible epidemic here:



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  1. Richard Smolenski says:

    Ms Ali

    This post was placed on an Australian facebook by supporters of Bob Spanswick an Independent candidate for the house of representatives seat of Banks in the state of New South Wales within the city of Sydney. He was given a copy of last book “Heretic” to read and was very interest in your brave journey in defence of free speech and particular the rights of women.

    During the recent Australia’s federal election last Saturday 2 July 2016 the result still clear as you will not read or hear on the news. But during the national election which has elected a number of women from different political views which will enrich our Parliament and Australia.

    The issue of Islamic funding schools and the treatment of women there and in society in general. So this post was made on the facebook of Bob Spanswick with hundreds of Australian’s seeing it but most important the issues of women’s treatment but under Islamic Sharia laws. So this is a good for public debate. So from this Australian male and his wife you are an real hero of our era. Thank you for you do for every body but in particular women.

    “Posted on Bob Spanswick Independent for Banks Supporters 1 July 2016 This woman Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a hero, she has more courage than most if not all the current members of all of Australia’s Parliaments and every so call feminist who refuses to call out the Islamic hate preachers and their supporters in Australia. Her latest book “Heretic” sub title – Why Islam Needs A Reformation Now” should be in every library in Australia, every member of Parliament should read it and then tell the Australian public after reading it we don’t have a problem with an extremist Islamic version of Islam, attacking the values of our culture, our liberty, our freedoms in all those aspects, those rights won for the rights of women over 100 plus years, minorities groups i.e. LGBT and slowly destroying the social fabric of Australia, if don’t we don’t deal front and centre with this clear and present danger to our democracy and Australia. In 1930’s the world ignored the rising Nazi Germany & others and we paid terrible price with 55 million plus people dead. The Islamic extremists and supporters are the 21st century new version of the Nazi party but twice as dangerous because they spring from a religious extreme doctrine of Islam whose aim is to enslave by any peaceful or by any violent means, those who are non-believers. As the two quotes from history say it all – “It all starts with suppression of a few freedoms and before you know it, you can’t speak with out permission from the authorities. And then finally you wake up and you know what? It is too late.” ― Allan Amanyire and Edmund Burke (1770) once said:“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing” . So while we still have liberty & freedom in Australia, wake up to the evil amongst us defend your liberty and your freedoms, lest you lose them before you know it!”

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