Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Culture ‘Never An Excuse’ To Harm Girls With Genital Mutilation

AHA Foundation Founder Ayaan Hirsi Ali was featured on Tucker Carlson reacting to a Detroit surgeon who is being charged with performing genital mutilation of a young girl in the ER.

Ali, who was subjected to the grisly practice in Somalia, said Dr. Jumana Nagarwala must be punished for her alleged actions.

Young girls are taken either overseas or to states without a ban on the practice to have their private parts surgically mutilated. Watch the clip here:



  1. J.D. says:

    It is both appalling and offensive how ‘culture’ and ‘religion’ are so often used as justifications for such acts of inhumanity. That anyone could find ANY level of justification acceptable for the multilation of children is not only ethically reprehensible but moreover thoroughly repellent; ignorance at its most dangerous.

    And as we busy ourselves drawing battlelines and defending our respective positions, we lose sight of the real issue at hand. My deepest, most heartfelt thanks to you for your consistent focus on enlightened reason and humanism in the face of zealotry.

  2. M. Thaddius Banks says:

    You are an inspiration to all who hear your story and learn the important lessons you have to teach . I had no idea that FGM and child marriage were serious issues in American Society until listening to your talks and checking out this website. I’d love to help end these heinous practices however I can.

  3. Don says:

    Hello Ayaan,
    I have been an admirer of you and your work for several years now. I am always gratified when I hear that you are still in the fray, it gives credibility to your portfolio of achievements and positions.
    Although, some of your opinions have at times seemed strident and provocative, ( in the manner of the late Christopher Hitchens), like him your scholarship is impeccable.
    It does, however, seem inelegant and lacking in comparison, to Make declarations of punishment. I judge you not. You are a victim where I as a white American born male have not been physically nor psychologically..
    I mention this because I hope that your cause remains strong and irreproachable.


    Have you had any public conversations with Hassan Minaj? As an exponant for exposing intolerance in the face of our current political theater he gives agency to Islam in modern America.

  4. I read all your books – very truthful. We have to fight real hard for FEMALE’S RIGHTS. Know that the older generation of females are under the – STOCKHOLM SYNDROME – complex. I came to that conclusion when you wrote in your book that your father was against FGM, but your grandmother already made a commitment with a FGM-“CUTTER” to do it to you. Maybe you should address this problem. Most males who are into the ‘”VIRGIN”-REWARD SCENARIO, encouraging suicide bombers etc. etc. for lots and lots of Virgin-rewards have their ‘PRIVATE PARTS” IMBEDDED IN THEIR BRAINS, LIKE A TUMOR. I CONSIDER THEM PSYCHO SICKIES.

  5. Adam says:

    i am so grateful and so proud with you. keep fighting the good fight against FGM

  6. Rebecca says:

    Ayaan, you are an inspiration to girls and women everywhere. Thank you for what you do!

  7. Angela marse says:

    Hi ayaan, I am extremely interested in volunteering for your organization to protect women. I am a college educated baby boomer with a great deal of free time and dedication. Please contact me, as I am sure I can be of help. Thank you , Angela Marsé 516 353 3067. I live on the UES

  8. Beth Costello says:

    Thank you, Ayaan for exposing this horrendous practice to us in the U.S. I have informed my family, friends, and my State and federal legislators to the evils of FGM…and demanded investigations related to it. Kudos to you and your foundation for your hard work in exposing this culturally abhorrent practice.

  9. Thomas says:

    As progressive as the world presents itself, it is appalling that this barbaric custom, perpetrated in the name of any religion, should not be allowed in a civil society. I first became aware of this practice while working in an Islamic country in1978. You are doing a great service to the women and young girls you are able to reach. Keep up your struggle.

  10. Rose says:

    Thank you for your good work, Ms Ali and for speaking out on Fox. Have you been on EWTN and TBN also?

  11. J Quinn says:

    why is the UN not doing anything to address this atrocity??

  12. Jo Ray says:

    Keep up the good work!

  13. Maureen O'Brien says:

    Thank-you Ayaan and your foundation for this very important work you are doing. I am from Canada and would be very interested in volunteering for your foundation here? This practice makes me sick to my to my stomach and is hard to believe we are looking the other way and letting it happen. I would love to help make a difference.

  14. mary says:

    You went on Fox, now go on with Rachel Maddow and talk at length about women’s issues. To reach the most people you will have to walk down both sides of the aisles with the most influential, most listened to commentators. If there are people who are blocking bills in the states, please publish their names so we can write letters or make phone calls.

  15. Jeff says:

    Thank you for all the work you do. I was able to see you talk in Beverly Hills in February and you were fantastic. I brought books thinking you were going to do a signing but maybe next time. I also wanted to give you a link to an article written by a friend about her journey to America and leaving Islam. Its called Walking by Moonlight: My Journey Out of Islam. I hope you and others will read it. Thank you again for all the work and please keep it up

  16. kamal yusouf says:

    you doing great ayaan, what i wanna to say is keep going on not only in the united states but all over the world
    i am self an atheist who born and grow up in somalia it was not so easy for me to get out of the closet, i pay it high prize
    because being a somali in these days is not easy.

    but you have to know ayaan that there is lot of people who come from somali who need a help both mentaly and phisicaly

    med venlig hilsen


  17. Barbara guillette says:

    If anyone deserved a donation it’s you, next month. Thank you for all you do

  18. Hello Ayan,
    Remember we met on a tv program by ARTE in London.Must have been 1997…
    I am the French lawyer who started prosecution of parents and perpetrators in France since 1982! Many of whom were sent behind solid bars for years. Over here we have no special law prohibiting fgm but I use the general law forbidding to maim someone , furthermore children.
    So I am pleased to read that at last some people in the US act as should.
    Why do people still beat around the bush about matters like “forced marriage”: it’s nothing less than the rape of a child or a teeager organised by their own parents.
    Best wishes Ayan!

  19. Jim K says:

    Female genatil mutilation is sadomaschism.

  20. AJMupperwestside says:

    Thank you for your good work AHA Foundation.

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