Ayaan Hirsi Ali for UnHerd: “Is the EU about to crumble?”

Almost five years after Britain voted to leave the European Union, the bloc faces an existential question: which, if any, of the remaining 27 countries will be next?

European cohesion is threatened by a range of serious issues; some internal, some external. Mass migration and the challenge it poses to integration remains the most daunting challenge. Last year may have seen a lull in migrant crossings as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, but they are ramping back up, largely from Libya. (Indeed, it is surely only a matter of time before politicians fall prey to their usual smoke and mirrors rhetoric about the “benefits” of mass migration in the context of an ageing population, without much credence given to concerns for cultural integration or assimilation.)

Meanwhile, the EU remains plagued by recurrent tensions over its pandemic response, particularly in regard to vaccine distribution. The European Recovery Fund also had a shaky path to approval, which left many member-states dissatisfied.

But will another member state leave? If you believe the bookies, the odds-on favourite is Italy (available at 3/1) — followed by Greece (6/1) and France (8/1). But as the Brexit referendum demonstrated, the bookies don’t always make the right call — and it would be unwise to rule out the country sitting in fourth place: the Netherlands (12/1). In fact, I believe it’s a strong contender. 

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  1. TINA NAGY says:

    All things are connected. Ayaan is right to talk about the effect of mass migration on western countries and our freedoms, but mass migration is only a symptom of a larger problem. Population growth is the root CAUSE of this continuing mass migration both from Islamic countries in Europe, and from Catholic dominated countries in Central and South America. Population growth (driven largely by Islamic and Catholic ideologies) creates poverty and conflict over sparse resources, and thus the resulting violence. Here in the US, our population grows by over 3 million people a year — that’s another city, the size of Chicago, every single year — and worldwide, we add another 83 MILLION people annually. That growth is net, not gross, or AFTER annual deaths have been factored in. Population growth adds another BILLION people to the world every 13 years, and it is killing our forests, causing desertification, water wars, deforestation, and mass extinction of species. Until we talk about population growth, we will never be able to adequately improve conditions for women anywhere. Population growth is the elephant in the room, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali needs to finally address it.

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