Ayaan Hirsi Ali – The Market for Victimhood

Last month our Founder, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, spoke at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Benson Center for the Study of Western Civilization. Her talk was titled “The Market for Victimhood,” and touched on the dangers of tribalism in the U.S., followed by a question and answer segment. She joins those who have been sounding the alarm on the closing of the American mind.

Presented by: CU Boulder Benson Center for the Study of Western Civilization

Sponsored by: The Abby and Douglas Brown Family Foundation


  1. Bru says:

    Brava, keep plugging, Ayaan! How good, courageous and urgent to provide a wider, authentically liberal perspective to intelligent college students who are more and more deprived of such perspective and cannot develop a healthy sense of proportion about a complex world.

    As for “anti-semitism,” something which is still around us, however, please consider retiring this common usage, but inappropriate 19th Century German term. At least, please consider using it with quotation marks!

    As you may know, Semites are simply speakers of Afro/Asiatic family of languages (Arabic, Amharic, Hebrew, etc). Indeed, when many of 400 million Arabs and 100 million Ethiopians have expressed anti-Jew bigotry and hatred long before (and still after) the pseudo-scientific, “racial theory,” “anti-Semitism” term was coined to refer to what in reality is a tiny (about 15 million) Jewish minority among all Semites, isn’t it time to delete the counter-productive term “anti-Semitism” and focus on the real underlying issue–a deadly cocktail of enlightophobia, ignorance, hatred and bigotry.

    And BTW, when so many Muslims are in the West, it’s time to remind people that Jews and Arabs are multi-racial people and that 63% of Israel’s Jews are MINA Jewish refugees (from the Arab Middle East and North Africa). When you have a chance, please watch Vimeo’s “The Forgotten Refugees.”

    All the best,

  2. Kathleen says:

    Brilliant, as always. Thank you Ayaan Hirsi Ali for your courage and for defending freedom and humanity.

  3. Dr. Carol Le Blanc says:

    Wow. Your clarity is inspiring. Thank you!

  4. Zamir Shaikh says:

    I am pleased to listen to the recording of your address at Boulder university. Your voice in support of unity, human dignity, and freedom is heartwarming. Keep exposing Islam’s teaching for hate and backwardness. Keep up this fight.

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