Ayaan: Proposal that Islam is Tolerant is Fallacious, Dangerous

Though most Muslims are tolerant and peace-loving, Islam itself is not a religion of tolerance, Ayaan Hirsi Ali asserted at the National Press Club on October 25: “Islam is more than a religion, it does have a spiritual dimension, but there is another dimension to Islam–a political dimension.” Though an atheist, Hirsi Ali has advocated for the conversion of Muslims to Christianity. Clarifying her position on Monday, she said she supported “opening up the competition.” “Given the fact that this is almost a losing battle because we are not taking them (Muslims) on … and given the fact that there are very moderate Christians who offer that combination of a spiritual satisfaction with modernity and the respect and sacredness of life, liberty and human rights, I think it would be wrong and neglectful not to involve Christians to go after that demography of 1.57 billion Muslims who today, I think, many of them are seeking a concept of God and are now only getting Allah.”