In America, the ideology of wokeism is rampant. We Europeans are getting a glimpse of what is yet to come – Ayaan Hirsi Ali in NZZ – Neue Zürcher Zeitung

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More than ten years ago I wrote about the clash of civilizations in my book “Nomad: From Islam to America”. I also brought up my personal experiences in the conflict between the values ​​of radical Islam and Western modernity. Not only did I witness these conflicts, I was involved in them myself. But the worries of 2010 feel very old today.

Of course, Islamism is still a very strong threat to Western civilization. But now a relatively new ideological challenger to our institutions and ideals has emerged: Wokeism. This ideology is pervasive in a way that would have been unimaginable for most of us thirteen years ago. And it has gone virulent so suddenly and gained so much power so quickly that the year 2010 now feels like an alternate universe at times.

Read the rest of Ayaan’s article here. Note that this article was published in German in a Swiss magazine, so you might have to use Google Translate to read it.