Chaos and Violence, in Afghanistan and Chicago, with Ayaan Hirsi Ali and John Kass on the Megyn Kelly Podcast

Megyn Kelly is joined by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, human rights activist, author, and host of The Ayaan Hirsi Ali Podcast, and John Kass, columnist at and co-host of “The Chicago Way” podcast, to talk about the chaos and violence, at home and abroad, on the brutality of the Taliban and what’s to come in Afghanistan, the political ramifications of Biden’s botched troop pullout, the current focus on “microaggressions” over “macroaggressions,” what’s driving the rise in Chicago violence, the relationship between Chicago police and Mayor Lightfoot, what the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago are like right now, the “anarchy” in Chicago right now, and more.

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  1. Caroline Walker says:

    I hope in a future podcast you can drill down deeply into the history of organized crime and corruption in Chicago. How did prior administrations control and buy off Chicagoans by meeting their needs so that people looked the other way or worse wore Chicago’s mobster reputation as a badge of honor. Are the tentacles of corruption so embedded that Chicagoans will now conclude they cannot afford to take a risk on a naive new comer, a lightweight who will inevitably fail. How can Chicago break the cycle of corruption that is destroying the city unless they understand its roots? Do Chicagoans care enough to change to save their city? If we understood corruption in America would we support corrupt foreign regimes as as in Afghanistan for the last 20 years?

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