Death of a friend’s sister after female genital mutilation inspires award-winning app – BusinessGhana

What if girls and women who are at risk of or have survived female genital mutilation (FGM) could receive the right services and support right when they need them? This challenge led to a Ugandan team creating a mobile app to link FGM survivors and at-risk girls with services in real time.

The multilingual app, Axces mobile, has earned social entrepreneur Joseph Mulabbi and his team of developers a runner-up prize in UNFPA’s FGM Hacklab. His inspiration for Axces Mobile comes from a deeply personal experience:

“While at school, a friend (from the Sabiny tribe in Kapchorwa, Eastern Uganda) lost her sister at the age of 16 after she underwent FGM. With the nearest health centre over 20 km away, and with a poor road network, the girl bled to death while being rushed to hospital,” he said.

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