Empowering Girls Rescued From Child Marriage – The New York Times

Having spent 15 years photographing child marriages around the world, Stephanie Sinclair is uniquely positioned to understand its lasting impact on communities and, especially, on the girls who were forced to wed against their will. “You can’t expect individuals who have been through significant abuse to just act normal as soon as they get out of that situation,” she said. “They need to be nurtured, to be given the time and the tools to heal.”

With this in mind, Ms. Sinclair last year started the Tehani Photo Workshop — named after an 8-year-old Yemeni bride — in partnership with the Samburu Girls Foundation. The Kenyan organization, led by Josephine Kulea, focuses on educating girls rescued from child marriage, female genital mutilation and beading, a tradition where girls adorned with red beads have to serve the needs of an older male relative.

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