End child marriage in the U.S.? You might be surprised at who’s opposed – NBC News

A bill that would have ended child marriage in Idaho — which has no minimum age for couples who want to wed — died in the Statehouse this year.

Republican lawmakers, who control the Legislature, opposed it, including state Rep. Bryan Zollinger, who said it “went too far.”

“Obviously, I’m against child marriage,” the GOP lawmaker told NBC News. “But basically marriage is a contract between people that shouldn’t require government permission.”

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  1. Eidin Hernly says:

    Rep Zottlinger is correct when he says “marriage is basically a contract between two people” but what if one person is a minor and/or is being forced into a marriage against her/his will? Surely in those cases a person should have protection under the law and be able to refuse to enter into a such marriage contract. Why would he dismiss the chance to put in place a law that would protect someone from a life time of hardship and struggle instead of being free to choose a partner and live their life as they will?

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