Eric’s Call to Action – Have You Taken His Challenge?

Eric Schmidt Challenge: renew your support before December 31, 2015 and make your gift work even harder in the fight against honor violence.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we have a lot to be grateful for at the AHA Foundation. This year we contributed to a groundbreaking report for the US Department of Justice, detailing the urgent need for law enforcement trainings in honor violence and more comprehensive resources to fight honor violence. We successfully launched a petition calling for a national action plan to end honor violence in the US. We traveled to Capitol Hill meeting with a dozen congressional offices to urge them to focus on issues of honor violence and women’s rights and join us in our efforts to help girls who are suffering the US.

Our biggest achievement by far has been growing the network of passionate supporters and allies who are committed to the same fundamental principle: no person deserves to live in fear, at risk of violence, or to suffer abuse because of their gender, sexual orientation or the personal choices they make. [tweetthis display_mode=”button_link”] No person deserves to live in fear, at risk of violence, or to suffer abuse because of their gender, sexual orientation or the personal choices they make.[/tweetthis]

This idea is the fundamental principle behind the Eric Schmidt Challenge. In March of 2015, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, underscored his commitment to human rights in the form of a $100,000 donation to the AHA Foundation and presented a challenge to you, our supporters: to match that amount and, in doing so, to support the defense of human rights for all.

With this donation, and with the donations of our supporters who have answered Eric’s call to action, much has already been accomplished. We are preparing to launch an e-learning facility to train more service providers than ever before in responding to honor violence. We have responded to requests for assistance from across the country, helping women, girls and men who, a decade ago, had no comparable organization to call in their times of need. We worked with groups in Massachusetts to advocate for legislation protecting girls from FGM. This life-saving work was made possible thanks to your support.

But the work is not yet over. The number of women and girls at risk of honor violence, and the number of calls for assistance that we receive, are on the rise.


There are only


remaining to take part in the Eric Schmidt Challenge.


Join us in answering Eric’s call to protect all women and girls in the US. Renew your support before December 31st, 2015 and double the impact of your gift.

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With the completion of the Eric Schmidt Challenge, you empower us to:



The AHA Foundation is a people-powered organization. As an organization that is not government-funded, we rely first and foremost on you, our donors, and the passion you bring to our cause. Whether our donor is the Executive Chairman of Google, or a father who deeply cares about women’s rights, or a college student organizing an on-campus fundraiser, it is the passion of each loyal supporter that enables us to continue to protect and save girls from honor violence. From all of us at the AHA Foundation: thank you.