FGM in the UK, A Filmmaker Stands Up, and A Day in the Life of an Intern



Dear AHA Foundation Supporter,

A recent article in The Economist claims that decades of work against FGM have produced slow progress and suggests that a “symbolic nick” should be encouraged as an approach to stop the worst forms of FGM. This is a dangerous proposition! We at the AHA Foundation believe that any form of FGM is a human rights abuse and must not be practiced, even by health care providers. Read our views on eradicating FGM.

Our interview with Hilary Burrage, British sociologist and book author, will bring you closer to the fight against FGM in the UK. Ms. Burrage makes it clear why we must never, for one moment, be complacent in the fight to stop FGM. After reading Ms. Burrage’s analysis, tell us about your experience. Whether you are an FGM survivor, community advocate, supporter or service provider, sharing your experience will help others in similar situations. Read Ms. Burrage’s insights here.

After losing her friend to honor killing, film director Vibha Gulati learned that these heinous crimes can happen anywhere and to anyone, regardless of class, nationality, or background. She is now on a mission to make a difference by doing what she does best – directing a film that will move the public to stand up against the practice. Read about her upcoming film, opposition she faces and her determination not to give up.

Are you interested in a behind the scenes look at the AHA Foundation? You can learn about it from one of our interns who describes a busy day in her life and announces that we are seeking new interns. Please share the article and help us reach more interested candidates.

As summer progresses, the risk for girls undergoing FGM increases significantly. Under the pretense of summer vacation, they are taken abroad to undergo this horrendous practice that will change their lives forever. Get involved – together we can ensure we do everything in our power to never be complacent.



Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Founder, The AHA Foundation