Harvard University: Make America Dinner Again (MADA) Roundtable Discussion


Event Description: On February 22, 2020, ten students with diverging viewpoints at Harvard University gathered to eat dinner and converse with one another.

While many activists can pursue avenues such as hosting large speaking events, our Harvard University fellow believes that real change can be made through civil conversations. She advertised and asked for people to send in a profile and application if they were interested in attending. The event generated six-times as many applicants as there were spots.

At the dinner, students engaged in a well-balanced discussion across the political spectrum, and some even continued the conversation after the event concluded. There were intense moments during the discussion, but participants continued to listen and develop a healthier understanding of one another.

We were so pleased with how our first event turned out and by the continued interest of our MADA efforts that we hosted another MADA event but on Zoom. The participants really enjoyed the discussion, and they cannot wait for more invigorating discourse.