Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now

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I have dedicated my life to speaking out when my conscience guides me to do so, even when my views are unpopular, and worse, even when those views put my life in danger.


hereticThe issues of which I speak are personal to me. I have first-hand experience of what it means to be denied basic rights and opportunities simply because you are a woman or girl. Unfortunately, I am not alone in these experiences. Too many women and girls around the world are not free.


I watched my sister suffer from the physical and – worse – the psychological consequences of having her genitals cut. My school friends were ripped away from the joys and promises of an education and thrown into unwanted marriages, having babies when they should have been on the playground themselves. I witnessed my aunts and cousins experience violence and abuse at the hands of their husbands with nowhere to turn for help.


For these women and their daughters, and for the future my son will inherit, I continue to speak out, raising my voice to bring change.
I am proud to share with you today that my new book Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now is available in bookstores across the US and online.
As with many things I say and write, I know my new book will cause controversy. But my hope is that Heretic will be a spark that fires up new discussions and makes readers reassess their current perspectives.


Just as I am not alone in the challenges I have faced, I am certainly not alone in my desire to actively seek the change that is necessary to create a better, safer world for each of us. Women from across the globe reach out to me and to the AHA Foundation almost daily asking how they can stand up for their rights.


Through the AHA Foundation, you empower these women who have the courage to demand change.
You can amplify their voices and we can make a difference.


  1. nadia says:

    Hi Ayaan,

    I know my comment most likely won’t reach out to your readers. I’m so sorry first of all that you have had these experiences as a child. It seem that you lived in a very extremist Muslim environment. But not all Muslim live under such conditions. I in fact have lived a vey peaceful life and I’ve enjoyed practising Islam from day one. What you mention isn’t Islam. Why do you only judge Islam based on your own miserable experience?

  2. I just read “ERETICA” alias HERETIC – it is a fantastic book and I make his publicity to all my italian and french friends. I hope it will be traduce in french as soon as possible and in other languages because it does the possibility to understand the true origin of the problem. Unfortunatly i note that a very very few people (muslim or not, cultured ore not ) ignore or do not desire to recognize it !
    Thanks to the wonderfull Ayaan for existing and help us. Marie Michèle.

  3. Toby says:

    Hirsi,, are you familiar with the work of the economist, Hernando De Soto?

  4. Colleen Sullivan says:

    Read all 3 books.
    My 92 yr old Mom stopped reading a few years ago- read book 1 and is on book 2 – can’t put them down.

  5. Bev Varnado says:

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali , I just read your book ” Heretic”. It was wonderful and the truth just shines. I am a 77 year old woman on a fixed income and can’t help you financially but I just wanted you to know that you are a great person , doing great things for people, women, in particular.

  6. Dave says:

    love your honesty Aayan.
    What we have is what we are now, and how history remembers us.
    You will be well remembered.

    Stay the course. Don’t let fearful detractors dictate.

    Thank you.

  7. I don’t see any evidence in Heretic that Ali has read Tom Holland’s In the Shadow of the Sword. His book provides ample evidence for de sanctifying Muhammad. Did she use it in her Kennedy School seminar last winter?
    I would like Ali to visit New Orleans, what can I do to help this along.

  8. Thomas D. says:

    Intellect, independence, courage and conviction. Ayaan is the answer to the questions the world fears to ask!

  9. Reform of Islam and a rebirth of the values of Classical Liberalism can bring about a better world. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is at the forefront of human rights activism in bringing about this better world and in helping to educate people in both the East and West of the importance of such issues. An individual who tirelessly campaigns for the values of social justice, individualism and freedom guided by the rule of constitutional law. I wish more power to the cause of AHA.

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