Husband forces wife to undergo FGM – Standard

I was recently talking to a group of girlfriends about Culture and the topic on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) came up. So most of them seemed surprised that it is something that is still being practiced. It then occurred to me that it doesn’t only happen to children below the age of 18. And if you think that it’s only practiced in rural areas then you are wrong.

Just like my girlfriends, I will tell you how FGM is still a problem affecting our nation today and not only does it affect young girls recently there have been cases of the practice being done on women as old as 30 years and above. Yes, you read correctly.

FGM is being practiced on women as old as 30 years. This are the women whose dignity and voice has been taken away by those people who are ignorant of the dangers of FGM and are culture fanatics who have refused to stop this act and still believe that a woman’s place is with her husband and in the Kitchen.

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