‘I Had No Idea I Was an FGM Survivor Until a Nurse Asked During a Routine Screening’ – Global Citizen

Just imagine yourself as a 7-year-old child on an ordinary day, playing outside, and suddenly being grabbed by people you don’t know. Imagine the people you know and trust the most are spreading your legs apart. Before any cutting actually happens you are violated.

Then a sharp blade takes your genitalia, removing all your labia and clitoris. They stitch up your vagina, leaving you with a small hole from where you’re expected to menstruate, have intercourse, and give birth at some point.

This was similar to my experience. At the age of seven I underwent type II female genital mutilation (FGM).

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  1. Michelle T says:

    I immaturely decided to go under an unnecessary vaginoplasty and hood reduction 2 years ago. Was a very nice clinic and surgeon. I was under anesthesia, but the pain was excruciating!

    During surgery I had a very good nurse and 2 male doctors. My nurse was holding me because I was was cold sweating and shaking so much. My bed and sheets were wet in sweat, my hair was like I just came out the shower. My entire body was shaking, I couldn’t handle no more!

    My legs were tied to the bed but I couldn’t stay still. The pain was horrific… specially when they start to cut the skin around my clit, that was horrible. I was feeling the worst pain of my life!

    I had 2 natural delivery before and other surgery’s but this one didn’t compare.
    The bed decision that I want a surgery to even out my lips, but they cut all off! I was so sad after.

    The hood reduction was unbearable! And was just the the skin around. I cannot think is possible to handle a full clit removal!

    During the 40 min driving back home I was passing out. I had to stop to get the pain medication, the anesthesia was not acting much anymore. I couldn’t seat or walk for days! I cry, cry and cry in pain and took me like 8 months to have pain free intercouse or to pee…and Never recovered the feeling around the area

    My insignificant story make me think about all of the pain this girls go through…primitively being mutilated by their abusers, the unbearable pain, and marks they have to carry. They are violated, rape, having their bodies dilacerate and mutilate! They have the mark from their agressores in a daily life, making even more difficult to heal their trauma.
    The primitive methods their abusers use is so dangerous and after all they they do they run free when they should be in jail.

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