Interview with Ruth Trotter, Aneela Arshed Gives Voice to Women and Girls, Q&A with Ayaan and More


Dear AHA Foundation Supporter,

I have dedicated my life to speaking out when my conscience guides me to do so, even when my views are not popular, and worse, even when those views put my life in danger. A major part of that work, and the focus of the AHA Foundation, is to give voice to girls who are silenced – hurt, oppressed, and killed – suffering and sometimes succumbing all in the name of honor.

In this Newsletter, we share with you stories from individuals who dare to speak out for women and girls who cannot: Ruth has made it her mission to become the voice of Amina, her son’s girlfriend who was the victim of an honor killing – shot in cold blood by her father to protect the family honor. Aneela Arshed is an award-winning poet whose powerful words give voice to women and girls subjected to violence, humiliation and death for the crime of being born female.

Your support is your voice: it empowers the AHA Foundation to continue the fight against dangerous traditional practices. We are grateful you have partnered with us in this fight.

Use your voice and help us mark the upcoming International Women’s Day, March 8th. Please send me your questions for a “Q&A with Ayaan” reflecting on status of women in the US who, despite living in countries that pride themselves on long-established women’s rights and the rule of law, still live in fear and danger from harmful traditional practices.

Please send me your questions by the end of the day tomorrow, Thursday, February 26th, to be sure they can be included in the Q&A session, which I’ll share with supporters March 8th. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,


Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Founder, The AHA Foundation