Lawsuit on the Abuse of a Hmong Girl Goes Public

A lawsuit currently underway in Minnesota in which Panyia Vang is seeking $450,000 from the American who raped and impregnated her, thereby forcing her to be a child bride in the Hmong tradition. The case is shedding light on practices of child marriage among the Hmong.

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  1. Nengfue Lee says:

    We Hmong American need to see and learn the Marshall law of abuse US passport to other countries to avoid our future jail. I am a Hmong born in Laos and came to the US and I am US citizen. My opinion on Vang’s case as follows:
    1. If she was rape, why she did not report to Lao government authority to arrest Prataya in Laos?.
    2. Why her parent agree her to married Prataya and he paid $5,000.00 to her parent during their wedding ceremony?
    3. Why our US allow under age come to the US?. Why she willing to change her age to meet the law so she can come to the US with Prataya?.
    4. Does human have sex one time or one day then have baby?.
    5. I believe this women have partner back in Laos or she have someone in the US plan to win poker with Prataya.
    6. Our court system need to do more homework before let liar win stupid case like this.

    Many girls in Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia have the same idea to rip our US citizen money. Their job is to fool foreigners money. I believe raped can only have sex one time unless she was force by terrorism group and take her to a place far away from her parents. It cannot be many times. I believe Vang have plan to collect money from Prataya. I am totally disagree Vang.

    If she was rape, she won’t come to this long year with Prataya. Many foreigners want to to come to the US badly. Just like the story that a Taiwanese woman wants her baby born at the US border air space so her baby can qualify US citizen. Vang’s case is about money and she want to come to the US.

    I heard the Lao government media news report in Hmong language said that many parents in Laos agree their daughter to marry Chinese men for the price $4,500.00. Later many of their daughter was killed by her husband and he sold her organ more than $20K. This issue happen in Laos all time and up to this day. Lao government have warn their citizen to be aware of these problem. Even though many parents still continue doing it.

    One other issue like Thai authority report that they found many young girls went to work in Thailand and they was force to work for sex. Thai authority rescued them and send them back to Laos. Later, they found the same girl come back to Thailand at the same issue. Many girl said they have no choice because they need money to support their family back in Laos.


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