Let’s Prioritize Protecting Girls – IWF

Beyoncé has often been controversial, but her latest video deserves unanimous applause for raising awareness of how girls are still treated as second class citizens in too much of the world, where violence, female genital mutilation, and child marriage are too often the norm.

American women on the right and the left may have different opinions about tax policy, government’s role in regulating the workplace, and the size of the social safety net. But we should be able to speak with one voice on this:  Women and girls everywhere deserve basic human rights and to be free from violence and exploitation.

We should call on American leaders to prioritize encouraging countries around the globe to recognize women’s human rights and make progress toward women’s full and equal participation in society.  U.S. policy leaders should also double down on their commitment to ensuring that we don’t import some of the worst practices from overseas into our borders.

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