May Newsletter: Why child marriage remains legal across the nation; Tulane University interns amplify our work; You can double your impact and more

Dear AHA Foundation Supporter,
I am thrilled about new victories for our movement. Two states—Pennsylvania and Minnesota—passed legislation to ban child marriage this month! Along with Delaware and New Jersey, they are the only states in the U.S. that completely ban marriage for all minors. This is a result of your support. You’ve enabled our many trips over the past two years to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and our countless calls to legislators in Saint Paul, Minnesota, to educate legislators and support these bans. Thank you!
Although the U.S. State Department recognizes child marriage as a global human rights abuse, I am disappointed that this harmful practice is still allowed in 46 states. Amanda Parker, our Senior Director, explains legal loopholes that allow for this form of child abuse to continue, and why girls are at higher risk of being forced to marry during the pandemic. Read more here.
You can still take part in our Matching Gift Campaign and double your impact. Since the onset of the pandemic, women and girls have faced an increased risk of honor violence. We have seen a six-fold increase in the number of requests for help in April compared to months before the pandemic. Every gift, small and large, counts in this fight!
We are so grateful to students who chose to work with us to protect women and girls. Since the fall of 2019, students from Tulane University have been amplifying our impact through their internship program. You can read about their internship experiences here.
We are thankful for your support. Stay healthy and safe.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Founder