#MeToo Must Fight For Women In Refugee Camps, Not Just On Red Carpets – Huffington Post

This fall, #MeToo dominated the news cycle, as high-profile actress after high-profile actress came forward with their stories of abuse, coercion and harassment. Suddenly, there was a crack in the dam. Once the testimonials and stories began leaking out, the dam gave way to the deluge of women sharing what they had lived through.

As the leader of an organization that fights for girls’ rights, I am saddened, though not surprised, at the sheer number of women who have been living with stories of abuse and trauma, and the pervasiveness of sexual abuse and harassment that has come to light in recent weeks.

I am also energized by this current of activism and advocacy on behalf of women and girls, including the #MeToo march that is taking place on December 2 in Toronto. Yet, as is too often the case, the stories of girls living in the developing world whose rights are being violated don’t seem to captivate our attention with the same urgency.

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