Muslim reformer speaks about mainstreaming of Islamism, Pediatricians in the US lack training to recognize genital mutilation in girls, and more

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This month we celebrate New Hampshire becoming the 27th state to ban female genital mutilation (FGM). By taking a stand against this dangerous traditional practice, New Hampshire sends a strong message about zero tolerance of FGM to the 23 states that still fail to protect their girls. Our policy team is hard at work preparing for legislative sessions to start back up this fall, where we will continue to advocate and galvanize support to criminalize FGM. Your support makes these life-saving campaigns possible.

Dr. Lori Frasier is an internationally-recognized child abuse expert and advocate for ending FGM. In our interview, Dr. Frasier warns about lack of training in FGM for pediatricians in the United States, which means pediatricians do not know how to check for or recognize it. Read more here.

In April, we published the first of a two-part blog series featuring Dr. Elham Manea, a Yemeni-Swiss scholar and activist who is working on the frontlines to challenge the dangerous ideology of Islamism. Here she shared her personal experience of being radicalized as a teenager. This month we share the second blog in which Dr. Manea exposes the mainstreaming of Islamism, an extremism that threatens Western civilization. Read about her interview here.

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali