Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the Doctrinal and Cultural Roots of Jew Hatred – The National Review

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Douglas Murray on the resignation of Claudine Gay - TalkTV

Ayaan on another panel about how to counter Islamist narratives in the media. From Ayaan's left: fellow panelists Alberto Fernandez and Asra Nomani.

In recent columns…and on our podcast this week, I’ve tried to explain that the barbarity of the attacks against Israel and Jews by sharia-supremacist Hamas is deeply rooted in Islamic scripture, which jihadists construe to be as applicable today as in the seventh century. Terrorism is not what happens when warriors get carried away in the heat of battle; it is the objective of jihadist war to vanquish perceived enemies by terrorizing them: gruesome murder, maiming, rapine, pillaging – these are the point, not the periphery.

It’s one thing to hear this from detached analysts, admonishing from our comparatively safe distance. It’s quite another thing, a far more powerful thing, to hear it from someone who has lived it and risen above it. So, yes, read every word of [the] learned and poignant essay by the great Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the Daily Mail.

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