Number of child marriage cases for Syrian refugees increases

In Jordan, the legal age of marriage is 18 but it’s up to a judge’s discretion whether to grant marriage permits to couples who are as young as 15 — a loophole many young Syrians are taking advantage of in Zaatari refugee camp. Thirteen-year-old girls are engaged. Some are eager to wed, others are victims. Either way, child marriage is ubiquitous in the camp. Read more here:

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  1. Goldiecue says:

    I read before of a young child of seven years old was married off to a man in his fifties, more than
    five times her age just because her father was poor and needed the money = he was paid some
    kind of a diary for her. That’s nothing more than modern day slavery. There should be laws
    against slavery – What on earth would a child of 7 years know about marriage, one has to agree
    and take wedding vows in order to be legally married! Maybe those Syrian refugees coming here
    will be a good thing in the end, since they will be punished for their strange and stupid ways, and
    if they are punished enough with real jail time for their craziness, it will in the stop. These girls
    coming now are the martyrs for years to come.. Lets show them that they can’t get away with all
    those crazy things here that they do in the country they came from.

    These people should do real jail time, like life with no parole, and let that teach them about
    how honorable it is to go to jail because their family was insulted by a young lady wanting How

    honorable is it to go to jail as a murderer?
    to lead her own life.

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