Our Campus Program Will Soon Be Launched. Will You Help Us Name It?

The voice of youth is a powerful tool for change. We receive countless emails from young supporters eager to be more involved; they seek to mobilize with the AHA Foundation in fighting for women’s rights as human rights, and fundamental freedoms around the world. To harness that energy, the AHA Foundation will soon launch a campus program for high school and college students who want to join us in taking concrete steps towards making this a better world for women and girls.

What will we call our exciting new campus program? That’s up to YOU! Because our campus program will be fueled by your energy, who better to help us name it than those who know us best and are working with us towards our common goal!

We invite you to submit your idea(s) for what you think we should call our AHA Foundation campus program through Facebook by commenting on our post, by tweeting to us @AHAFoundation on Twitter using the hashtag #AHAcampus or via email. There’s no limit to how many submissions you can send us, we want to hear all your great ideas! And you don’t have to be a student to send us your suggestions; everyone is welcome to send us potential names for our campus program. Please submit your ideas by March 1st. The person who first suggests the name we choose for the campus program will be sent a thank you gift of signed copies of all three of Ayaan’s latest books (Infidel, Nomad, and Heretic)!

We’d also love to hear from you if you are interested in starting an AHA Foundation campus group at your school. Send us an email so we have you first on our list to contact when we launch the new program!

We accomplish so much more when we work together. We can’t wait to see what we achieve standing together with our student supporters in the fight for justice and freedom!

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  1. Mahmoud Nasiri says:

    Great idea to start Campus Program! I love to see AHA chapters spreading all over the United States of America. About suggested name:Since the Campus Program will be part of AHA Foundation, its name may need to reflect that. One suggestion would be:

    AHA Foundation- (High School or University’s name) Student (& faculty) Chapter.
    For example: “AHA Foundation – University of Houston’s Student & Faculty Chapter”.

    This is assuming an organic connection between Campus Program and the main body of AHA Foundation, in which case its bylaws and policies would also reflect AHA Foundation’s core philosophy. Sorry, I graduated long time ago and no longer on a campus. But, campus has the advantage of a diverse student body (some of whom may themselves be victims or first-hand witnesses of violence against women).

    With best wishes- Defending humanity against barbaric violence.

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