Petition Created Calling The Economist to Retract Irresponsible FGM/C Position

An article by The Economist called “An Agonising Choice” has portrayed many misguided assumptions about female genital mutilation. The article calls for a “new approach” that draws a line between “harmless and atrocious” and supports a “lesser cut”, which undermines decades of work that have been carried out successfully. demands the writer of the leader article meet with organizations and individuals campaigning against FGM to learn why there is no harmless element to this practice. Read more about their petition here:

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  1. Cliff cavanaugh says:

    There is no harmless or less cruel FGM.
    Any man who thinks so should see me about letting me cut off just a little of his penis. Not too much, just a little.
    FGM is a cruel, barbaric practice & is not mandated in the Quran. Though in many countries it is practiced by several religions including “christians”.

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