Rahaf al-Qunun: Saudi woman ends airport hotel standoff – BBC News

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An 18-year-old Saudi woman who fled her family at the weekend has left Bangkok airport “under the care” of the UN refugee agency, the head of Thailand’s immigration police says.

Thai immigration officials had tried to return Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, 18, to Kuwait, where her family is.

But she refused to board a flight on Monday and barricaded herself into her airport hotel room.

She said she feared her family would kill her as she had renounced Islam.

“My brothers and family and the Saudi embassy will be waiting for me in Kuwait,” Ms Mohammed al-Qunun told Reuters.

“My life is in danger. My family threatens to kill me for the most trivial things.”

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  1. Chris says:

    Saudi men who support this treatment do not deserve such beautiful and smart women. All the strong men out there who like strong women should take them away from those cave creatures.

    All unloved and enslaved mid east women should run away as soon as they can. Islam is a joke. Women who support the enslavement a shame to the fellow women of this Joke Fake cult like religion.

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