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Intimate Memoir Exposes the Dark Reality of Child Marriage: “Stolen Virtue: A Child Bride” by Lydia Chais

New York – August 3rd, 2023 – Child marriages continue to plague societies worldwide, raising concerns about the well-being and future of young individuals. Author Lydia Chais unveils the harrowing truth behind this alarming phenomenon in her powerful memoir, “Stolen Virtue: A Child Bride.” With unflinching honesty, Chais shares her own personal journey, recounting the devastating effects of being married off at a tender age and the arduous path toward reclaiming her stolen innocence.

Set against the backdrop of the politically turbulent 1960s in the United States, “Stolen Virtue: A Child Bride” captures the zeitgeist of a nation grappling with social change. Amidst the fervor of the Vietnam War protests and movements for civil rights and women’s liberation, young Tessa, belonging to a Spanish family, finds herself trapped in a forced marriage to a man named Mr. Crosby. The tale takes a haunting turn as Tessa becomes a victim of abuse, experiencing unimaginable physical and emotional trauma. Isolated from her own family, she is left to navigate a treacherous journey toward survival and healing.

Through her gripping narrative, Lydia Chais confronts the dark realities of child marriages head-on, offering readers a raw and unfiltered perspective. Her account exposes the profound consequences of these unions, shedding light on the perpetual cycle of abuse, isolation, and shattered dreams that young victims endure.

Stolen Virtue: A Child Bride” stands as a powerful call to action, urging society to confront the urgent issue of child marriages. By bravely sharing her own story, Lydia Chais endeavors to spark conversations, raise awareness, and ignite change. She hopes that readers, particularly parents of all ages and boys and girls who have not yet reached a marriageable age, will have the knowledge and understanding necessary to prevent such tragic situations.

Lydia Chais is an esteemed author and educator, holding a Masters in history and serving as a dedicated teacher at a local college. With “Stolen Virtue: A Child Bride,” she combines her passion for history and her personal journey to amplify the voices of countless victims and advocate for their rights.

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