Successes You Made Possible

At the AHA Foundation, we often say that we work in one of the world’s most rewarding fields. Every time a girl at risk is saved, or an officer trained, or a law passed, we are both proud of the success achieved, and know that none of this work would be possible without the continued passion of you, our supporters.

There are no words grand enough with which to thank you, but we hope you will take the following as thanks for your continued and invaluable support. These testimonies from our community partners, and stories of successes made possible by you make us both honored to do what we do, and leave us humbled at the great amount left to be accomplished. With supporters like you though, we know that together we can achieve great strides in the fight against honor violence.

dr gibsonbougheynematsalma

 * Names have been changed

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  1. Joseph says:

    I am in full admiration of the work AHA does in reaching out to people in distress from violence and traditional practices that have the most detrimental consequences to the dignity and rights as people especially women and girls. I can only offer moral support to the activities of AHA but want you to know that I appreciate greatly the work that you are doing..

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