Surviving Child Marriage in the United States: Yes, it happens here too. Legally.

child marriage

Event Description:

This event screened a short film called “Speaking Frankly: Child Marriage” by CBS Originals and featured two film participants and survivors of child marriage, Naila Amin and Genevieve Meyers.

The film covers the secret reality of forced and child marriage in the United States. Both survivors shared the details and hardships of their experiences in growing up, as well as the loopholes in state and federal law that still exist. Their stories were touching, moving and motivating to the audience. Everyone left the event with a better understanding of this human rights violation, the physical and psychological impact of child marriage, as well as how we can all play a part in ending this abuse.

The North Carolina State fellow started a petition to demand that North Carolina raises the minimum age to marry to 18. We continue to promote this, and plan to send it to legislators in that state to raise awareness. Read it here.