Taking Your Voices to Capitol Hill to End Honor Violence

There is no honor in honor violence. It is criminal.

Even so, in this land of the free with the rule of law, women and girls are being pulled out of school, held from the workforce, locked away, beaten, threatened, and even sometimes killed to uphold their family’s so-called honor. Yet today, the US Government has no plan to fight this silent epidemic of violence. And it’s on the rise.

There is no reason to tolerate human rights violations in the United States. That’s why on October 23rd, I am going to Capitol Hill to demand a national action plan to address honor violence. On behalf of girls who are hurt, shamed and silenced, I will stand in front of congressional offices, the press, and my fellow citizens to ensure they are unable to look away.

To show Congress that you believe the safety of women and girls in the US is important, to make sure we are heard, I need to take your voice with me to Capitol Hill. By signing our petition, you add your voice to mine to say violence against women and girls in the US is unacceptable.

Why is the petition important?

  • My voice alone is not enough. I need your support.  To those who have already signed and shared our petition, thank you for standing with me to say enough is enough. If you have not yet signed our petition or shared it with your friends, the time is now.
  • In the words of one of our supporters, we are “…giving voice to those who are afraid to speak out…to those who have been taught through fear, physical abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse that speaking up will only make it worse, not better.”
  • Even when a woman or girl finds the courage to reach out for help, often our public services are unresponsive because service providers, law enforcement officers, teachers and health care professionals simply do not understand the distinctive nature of honor violence and how it threatens the lives of girls. A national action plan is critical to change this.

Please join us to end honor violence in America. Every voice means we are a step closer to ending honor violence and protecting girls in the US. Sign the petition today. Share the petition. The time for change is now.