The AHA Foundation’s Conference on Honor Violence & Forced Marriage

On June 6th, 2011, the AHA Foundation held the first ever conference on honor violence and forced marriage in the United States.  The day’s events are described in detail in our Events page titled “The AHA Foundation Honor Violence Symposium.”  However, we wanted to highlight to you that we now have the video from our conference available for anyone to view.

We particularly urge service providers, law enforcement, first responders and criminal justice practitioners to take the time to review these lectures as the information provided can save lives.

  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Founder of the AHA Foundation, joined us via Skype for “Honor Violence 101.”
  • Sabatina James, Forced marriage and honor violence survivor as well as founder of Sabatina EV, an award-winning foundation that protects women from religious oppression, spoke on her experience with service providers and law enforcement during her traumatic experience.

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  1. I was searching of people opinion on arranged/forced marriage and I saw your post because I need some information about forced marriages and that is really good.

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