Defending Our Campuses: The Battle Against Islamist Influence in Education

CLARITy Coalition members rally outside the Committee on Education and the Workforce, advocating for the DETERRENT Act.

Published date 5/28/2024

We are appalled by the eruption of violence, antisemitism, and open support for the terrorist organization Hamas by individuals shouting “Death to America” that took place at the U.S. college campuses last month.

These events have shaken our nation, but their unintended consequence was a much-needed wake-up call to all who cherish our freedoms and democracy.

With its commitment to the First Amendment and the rule of law, the United States–admittedly imperfect–must react to today’s restrictions on free speech and threats of violence and intimidation by Islamists and their allies.

Earlier this month, we took an important step toward that goal.

CLARITy Coalition members strategize ahead of meetings with legislators to rally support for the DETERRENT Act.

Along with our partners from CLARITy Coalition—Muslims, ex-Muslims, non-Muslims, academics, scholars, authors, and activists—-we held meetings with Congressional leaders in Washington D.C. and urged them to:

The time for action is now, and every voice is needed. The DETERRENT Act would help expose and reduce the sources of foreign funding to U.S. universities. It represents a vital step in restoring the health of our academic institutions. It has passed the House (H.R.5933) and is currently before the Senate (S.3362). Can we count on your help?

Please urge your Senator to support the DETERRENT Act (H.R.5933/S.3362) and join the “Save the West Caucus.”

Contact Your Senator

Throughout their education, our students are being indoctrinated in anti-Americanism, including by Islamists and their allies. Foreign governments, such as Qatar, and organizations that support Islamism provide a significant source of inspiration and funding for the illegal protests at colleges, as well as for the greater threat posed by anti-democratic campus radicalism.

As a result, calls for “Death to America” have spread beyond Michigan. Our universities have been turned into battlegrounds for the hearts and minds of our young people and the future of our democracy.

This virus is fast spreading and needs to be cut at its source. Please join us in urging your Senator to pass the DETERRENT Act.