Turkish man kills wife and cuts off her head

Presumably out of a violated sense of “honor”, a Turkish-born man has killed and dismembered his wife in the German city of Darmstadt: the prosecutor suspects that the victim was “too independent”.

A native Turkish man stood trial before the Court of Darmstadt on charges of having killed his wife. In the view of the Prosecutor Ismet C. stabbed his wife in his fight for “restoration of his honor” and cut off the head of the corpse.

The 37-year-old victim had been too independent, according to the prosecution: she is said to have wanted a divorce. The accused defendant from Gross-Umstadt (Hessen) did not comment directly on the murder charge, but let this be known through his public defenders: “With regard to the case itself it should be declared, that he killed his wife.”

For the trial, three additional days of hearings are expected.

“It all went very fast,” said Ismet C. After the deadly knife stab he, together with a 25-year-old acquaintance, in the estimation of the prosecution, brought the corpse to a vineyard near Saulheim in Rheinland-Pfalz. There, Ismet C. separated the head from the corpse and buried it several hundred meters away from the body. After the deed , the man traveled through Turkey to Georgia, where he was apprehended.

The victim is alleged to have insulted the mother of her husband as a “whore”.

In front of the court, Ismet C. claimed memory lapses. From the deed himself he remembered nothing. He could only say, that his wife “lay at the bottom”. In response the question of the Presiding Judge Volker Wagner, whether he was religiously disposed, he shook his head “No”.

A psychiatric expert, who had spoken with the defendant, reported of numerous fights between the two spouses. The wife had often insulted the husband and threatened him with a knife on several occasions–also on the day of the murder, as the 43-year-old had described it.

“Your mother is a whore”, the woman said, brandishing the folding knife, which belonged to Ismet C. The psychiatric expert said, the defendant had said he had severed the head from the corpse in the apartment, not first in the vineyard.

Judge does not believe the helper of the murderer

The 25-year-old helper of the alleged murderer testified: “He called me first and asked me, to bring his young daughter to Turkey.” Ismet C. would have wanted to prevent the then-seven year old girl from being able to tell anyone of his experiences. Because the child had probably noticed, what had happened, the defendant had told him.

In the late evening of the day of the murder, the dead woman was already lying in a small closet in the apartment. “I did not see the corpse,” insisted the 25-year-old. The two men had packed the closet and the bloody carpet in the van of the helper, then the men drove to the vineyard. “There I dropped him off and drove away.”

Judge Wagner did not believe the witness. “You brought the police to the [specific] location, did you not?” the Judge interjected to the helper. The witness hesitated. He said he had come back, had searched for Ismet C. and finally had seen from where he came. Several times he had been back and had driven away.

“That’s all nonsense, what you’re telling here,” the Judge told the witness at the end. The 25-year-old helper is being dealt with separately.

A friend of the dead woman indicated to the court repeatedly that the 37-year old had wanted a divorce from Ismet C. On the day of the murder she had wanted to speak on this topic with the family of the accused. The friend, who had originally claimed the couple had been “happy”, admitted at the end that the wife had been afraid of her husband.