During Social Distancing, AHA’s Team Looks for Ways to Stay Occupied and Connected

During this unprecedented health crisis, we are all doing our part in flattening the curve of COVID-19 with social distancing. While we are used to working from our homes because we are a virtual team, we are now adjusting to sharing our work spaces with other family members 24/7. In the midst of chaos, we are still looking for ways to connect with our families across the country and globe, and ways to offer support to our local communities and professionals on the frontlines. 

Without a playbook, we are learning from others, trying our best and figuring how to do this one day at a time. We are in this together. Please comment below and let us know how you spend time to connect, engage and offer support in these trying times. Thank you for your support, and we are thinking of all of you!


George Zarubin, Executive Director

AHA Foundation operates virtually so much of my day-to-day operations have not changed. However, in the evenings and on weekends, my wife and I are spending more time walking the dogs, working in the garden, reading books, and streaming films. We have made an effort to schedule video calls with friends and family to stay in touch—sometimes even over a glass of wine!

Social distancing can be isolating, and I’m especially concerned for my elderly mother and my aunts and uncles. This weekend, I’ve made a special effort to have video calls with them to try to help keep their spirits up.

Amanda Parker, Senior Director

As much as I hate the reasoning behind it, I am really appreciating the time at home as a family. I travel so much in a normal year, being required to slow down has been a welcome respite. I’ve used some of my time at home to tackle projects that have long haunted me (I love to check to-do items off my list!).

I’m being mindful about taking care of myself by going for an occasional jog and taking long walks with the pups, but also balancing that with binge-watching TV. I’m also spending time contemplating how this scary time has also united us as a world in ways that none of us have seen before, and wondering what that means for our future.

Natalie Arroyo, Program Assistant

Sharing a home office with my husband is challenging, but we are making it work! We are taking multiple walks a day, with our German Shepherd, Piper, playing board games together, and cooking more time-consuming and complex meals.

I am filling my extra time reading the “Wind in My Hair” by Masih Alinejad, and spending more time cross-stitching and embroidering different projects. Once a week we pick a restaurant to order take-out from to continue to support our local businesses even during this trying time.

Julia O’Donnell, Campus Program Manager

I’ve been using this extra time to finish moving into my new house, cooking, and learning new hobbies! I am using my extra time at home to cook new dishes and break in my new kitchen. Recently, I ordered a calligraphy kit online and am learning how to hand letter! I think my kitten, Rudy, appreciates all the time being spent at home by my husband and me because he is getting plenty of playtime and snuggles! 

Leave a comment below about what you’re doing during social distancing to help flatten the curve!