“Wokeism” and How to Counter It – Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Upcoming TOS-Con Appearance

Our founder Ayaan Hirsi Ali will be giving a keynote address at TOS-Con, which is held from June 22-25 in Denver, Colorado. Here is the event description:

In recent years, Western culture increasingly has been infected with “wokeism,” an ideological stew of identity politics, groupthink, “social justice,” Critical Race Theory, and the practice of “canceling” those who fail to toe the woke line. In this keynote, Ayaan Hirsi Ali will discuss the nature of wokeism, where it came from, why so many young people have adopted it, and the core principles necessary to reverse this trend and advance civilized society: individualism, personal agency, critical thinking, and freedom of speech.

Find out more about TOS-Con, including how to attend, here.