Women’s Oppression: Across the Globe – Atypical Female

Disclaimer: this post contains information that may be concerning to those sensitive to the topics of genital mutilation.

Something I have been deeply moved by since I first picked up a book and read into the subject is the oppression of women worldwide. Specifically, countries like India where a caste system society is very much still present, tribal African societies that have little government protection for women and girls, and middle east countries that enforce Sharia law, or even the most “westernized” middle eastern countries still face blatant oppression. I preach my qualms about women’s rights, and the oppression of women in our western world but, we as feminists need to recognize the oppression of women worldwide as a cause worth fighting. To be faced with the truly heinous treatment of women in these countries is gut wrenching to say the least; where forced marriage of young girls, rape for discipline, female genital mutilation, and honor violence and killings are status quo in the regulation of womanly obedience. It surely makes the issues of the western feminist movement look small; I don’t say that to diminish the issues we face here at home, but it is merely a reference for perspective.

In countries like India young girls are sold to sex traffickers. Rural girls are kidnapped, or lured under false promises of employment, where they are then sold into city brothels. They are savagely beaten, raped, forcefully addicted to methamphetamine, often experience tactical mental manipulation, or most commonly a combination of all of these things. Once they are manipulated into complete subservience, they are then forced to prostitute themselves. Girls are required to see 10 or more customers a day, 7 days a week, every cent of their income going to brothel owners.

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