Women’s Rights Are a National Security Issue

The Trump transition team asked the State Department last week to submit details of programs and jobs that focus on promoting gender equality. Maybe it’s for benign purposes — or better, a signal that the administration wants to make women’s empowerment a cornerstone of its foreign policy. But this seems unlikely, to put it mildly, given that such a commitment was absent from Donald J. Trump’s campaign, and alongside Mr. Trump’s vow to defund Planned Parenthood. Read more here:


  1. It takes a couple of radical comments here and there to galvanize others into coming up with outrageous replies. Parenting remains key that should come into play during those crazy times, especially in a story like this one. I agree that social media platforms have made it so much easier to sprinkle around hatred with absolutely no remorse. But then, some vulnerable readers end up taking it to the next level, straight up to the streets! and this is where things become extremely dangerous.

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