You Can Unlock Her Path to Healing

Over the past 10 years, AHA Foundation has provided direct assistance to over 280 girls who were in danger of forced marriage, honor violence, and other harmful cultural practices. In many crisis situations, protecting girls from harm and securing their safety can take several months, sometimes even years.

For only $25, your gift can provide a girl with connections to appropriate professional services – therapist, doctor, and a safe place to stay. For $100, your gift can provide an initial, individualized and confidential counseling session. Your support can empower a girl to break away from the cycle of constant shaming and suffering, and set her on a path toward healing.



The majority of professionals who are likely to encounter girls at risk of dangerous cultural practices are not aware that they frequently happen in the U.S. Professionals often confuse culturally-motivated abuses with domestic violence and, by making this mistake, they expose girls to even more danger. Academic curriculums covering abuses and psychological treatment scarcely include traumas from female genital mutilation (FGM) and other harmful traditional practices.



AHA Foundation fills this dangerous gap by training professionals — teachers, social service providers, medical doctors, and therapists around the country — on how to recognize harmful cultural practices, and equally important, how to best respond in a crisis situation.

For a girl who has been hurting in silence and isolation — afraid that if she seeks help she will bring even more suffering onto herself — finding a path to safety, away from pain and abuse is life-changing.

In this life-saving work, every gift matters.

Your contribution empowers girls to create futures where they are free of oppression and can build a life of their own choosing.