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Books Similar to Simone de Beauvoir’s Writings That Would Make Her Proud

These books similar to Simone de Beauvoir’s writings are a clear example that feminism is far from over, and how much society should be proud of it. Have you already read them?

One of the women who helped feminism become the movement we know today was Simone de Beauvoir, whose thought expressed through her writings remains valid despite the years, and has resulted in other great texts that everyone who wants to keep track of feminist philosophy should read at least once.

Therefore, here we share a list of books similar to Simone de Beauvoir’s writings that would make her feel proud and that will surely make you see life and society from new perspectives.

The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The Dutch parliamentarian of Somali origin Ayaan Hirsi Ali adds her voice to hundreds of women against the injustices that the majority of Islamic women and those affiliated against Islam have suffered due to this religion, which, according to the author, is based on repression and fear, so this book, which is made up of her controversial speeches and some essays, is a kind of feminist statute against oppression and immigrant integration policy based on multiculturalism, which allows those norms to a permanence that have only damaged society and have not allowed it to grow for the sake of equity and justice.

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