CLARITy Coalition Conference 2022: Keynote by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Panel Discussion on Understanding Islamist Strategies

Over a weekend in October 2022, the very first CLARITy Coalition conference was held in Salzburg, Austria. AHA Foundation helped to organize this landmark event bringing together a diverse range of speakers to discuss how best to go on offense against the dangerous ideology of Islamism. (Find out more about CLARITy here.) AHA Founder Ayaan Hirsi Ali gave an opening keynote speech on the global politics of Dawa, which was followed by presentations from Sam Westrop, Hamed Abdel-Samad, and Wasiq Wasiq on various aspects of Islamist strategies and further discussion among the panelists and Ayaan. The event was moderated by former AHA Board Chairman Chris DeMuth.

Chris DeMuth, AHA Foundation Board Chairman 2013-2022

Keynote Speaker:
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, AHA Founder

Sam Westrop, Director of Islamist Watch for Middle East Forum
Hamed Abdel-Samad, political scientist, author of Islamic Fascism
Wasiq Wasiq, Associate Fellow at the Henry Jackson Society and Founding Trustee of Muslims Against Antisemitism