Female Genital Mutilation As a First Amendment Right? Five Lawyers Weigh In – Glamour

A Michigan doctor was arrested in April for allegedly performing female genital mutilation on two seven-year-old girls who traveled from Minnesota with their families. The arrest—the first time a U.S. doctor has been arrested for the practice—came after the FBI got a tip that Jumana Nagarwala, M.D., was performing the procedure. In addition to Dr. Nagarwala, Fakhruddin Attar, M.D., and his wife, Farida Attar, were also arrested. According to authorities, the Attars were present during the procedures, which were performed at Dr. Attar’s clinic.

We asked five lawyers what they think of this argument and whether they see any chance of a successful claim to the constitutionally protected right to mutilate young girls.

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