January Newsletter: Why our fight against FGM is far from over, Top blogs of 2020

This month, the STOP FGM Act of 2020 was signed into law, marking one of the biggest wins against female genital mutilation (FGM) in the U.S. This wouldn’t have been possible without your support! But even with this monumental victory on our side, our fight against FGM is far from over. We cannot be complacent. There are still 11 states, as well as the District of Columbia, that do not yet specifically ban FGM.
It would be easy to assume that with a federal ban we have done enough to protect women and girls across the entire country. On the ground, that’s not true. States have the ability to get more specific with their laws, ensuring no perpetrator can fall through the cracks of the federal bill. State bans against FGM are necessary shields that must be put in place in all 50 states. For more than a decade, AHA Foundation’s Senior Director, Amanda Parker, has been on the front lines fighting for state bans. In our blog this month, she explains why it is crucial we continue this battle.
At the start of every year, we reflect on the stories about our work from the past year that resonated most with supporters like you. Here are our top five blogs from 2020. Catch up with the ones you missed and share the blogs that moved you with your friends and family. By doing so, you help us raise awareness about FGM, child marriage, and other dangerous practices that threaten the lives of girls in the U.S.
As we move into a new year, please send any blog ideas you may have to info@theahafoundation.org. We welcome all suggestions!
We at AHA Foundation wish you a happy and healthy 2021.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Founder
P.S. I’m pleased to share that a personal project of mine will be released next month—my newest book, “Prey: Immigration, Islam, and the Erosion of Women’s Rights” launches in February. I’ll be doing a lot of publicity to discuss it over the next few months, so be prepared to see a lot more of me!