July/August 2021 Newsletter: A thank you to those who dedicated their summer to fighting to end gender-based violence and protect freedom of speech

As we finally reemerge after a year of lockdowns, most people are taking advantage of this summer to get out, travel, and see friends and family again.

But our work at AHA Foundation can’t slow down. While the bulk of legislative changes happen at the beginning of the year, critical work preparing for that season takes place now. Also in the summer, while school is out, girls’ vulnerability to FGM and child marriage increases. Because of this, our Helpline must stay available around the clock. Meanwhile, our campus program also does most of its work now, organizing the events that will take place on college campuses this fall.

Behind many of our efforts is the critical work of our interns and campus fellows. Instead of catching up with fun activities, they dedicated their summer to furthering our work. In this newsletter, we shine a spotlight on them and their contributions.

From legal research to data analysis, our interns are a vital part of our organization. In this blog, you can read what brought them to AHA Foundation and how the experience has helped them grow.

Last weekend, members of our campus program, the Critical Thinking Fellowship (CTF) met in person to discuss topics like free speech and extremist ideologies. To show you how the program is inspiring debate and free speech on campuses, we spoke with the CTF’s longest-standing member, Serena Killion of Columbia University, about her experience.

It’s because of these students that AHA Foundation is able to advance our fight against gender-based violence and the protection of free speech. They deserve a round of applause and much more.

Thank you for your continued support,





Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Founder